Princess Aurora Impersonator 

Known for her care-free and gentle disposition, This Sleeping Beauty loves to sing and dance with her forest friends. After pricking her finger on the cursed spindle of a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday, she falls into a deep sleep. But with the help of her 3 good fairies and a handsome stranger from the forest who happens to be a prince, she wakes with a true love’s kiss. Wouldn't you like to invite this enchanted princess to your royal engagement?


What can I expect?

  • Interactive story time with Princess Aurora and her royal assistant

  • Songs performed by Princess Aurora

  • Royal dance lesson with ribbon wands

  • Princess themed makeup with glitter and jewels

  • Individual and group photo opportunities

  • Assistance with “Happy Birthday” song and cake cutting

  • Autographed photo of Princess Aurora for every royal party attendant

  • Honorary birthday party ceremony where birthday child is presented with a beautiful tiara to keep



1 HOUR / $200
Includes up to 15 children

1.5 HOURS/ $250

Includes up to 20 children

2 HOURS / $350
Includes up to 25 children




Princess Aurora Photo Gallery


Stop Sleeping Beauty! Your enchanted princess encounter is waiting for you.

Walk with Princess Aurora once upon a dream in your very own royal engagement!